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Wales Management Council  is spearheading Wales’ effort to attain and retain a workforce capable of exerting a huge discretionary effort to achieve results. One of the principal ways in which it is doing this is through this website.  This forum, through the power of its partnerships and  connections, will link you with a host of international experts and leading-edge thinkers, who will change the way you think about leadership and engagement forever.

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Engagement in my workplace – why should I care? 
A huge body of evidence clearly demonstrates that engaged employees are more productive, provide better customer service, are absent from work less frequently and stay in post longer. Organisations  with highly engaged workforces experience higher levels of innovation and show greatly improved growth of profit margins, net profit and earnings per share in comparison to those where levels of engagement are low.
That’s all well and good but .....
What do you mean by ‘engagement’?
Click on the diagram to see the typical behaviours of engaged employees. Wales Management Council is confident that if most of the individuals in your workforce exhibit these characteristics, your organisation will be a formidable player in your chosen sector. Interested – then read on...
What are the conditions necessary for engagement to flourish in my organisation?
In a recent report to UK government it was concluded that employee engagement is dependent on 4 key factors. Click on the management wheel to see in greater detail what these factors are and how they interrelate.
The purpose of the Wales Management Council and this website is to create a community of leaders and managers in Wales who understand the importance of creating a truly engaged workforce and help them to explore the ways in which this can become a reality in their individual organisations.
Wales Management Council: our ambition is for the people of wales to have a burning passion to be the best they can be doing work that they love . .

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The Sêr – our guiding stars
Over the coming months, we will introduce you to our Sêr, prominent Welsh people who have demonstrated what can be achieved through high levels of engagement and who, through their example, embody our ambition for the people of Wales to have a burning passion to be the best they can be, doing work that they love.
We thank Gallup, ILM and IPA for bringing us the Welsh facts and figures from their research,for allowing access to world-class diagnostic tools
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